1957 Buick Special Convertible

  • Year: 1957

  • Make: Buick

  • Model: Special 

  • Mileage:

  • Exterior Color: Antique Ivory 1RR

  • Interior Color: Red 400

 This stock 1957 Buick Special convertible is powered by the factory rebuilt 364/250hp Fireball Nailhead V8 engine mated to the factory rebuilt Dynaflow automatic transmission. Equipped with power steering, power brakes and dual exhaust. The exterior features polished stainless steel body trim, distinctive side sweep spear trim moldings, re-chromed bumpers, and cathedral style rear taillights. Additional features include stock red vinyl interior, white vinyl power top and a Wonder Bar radio. 


  •  Fireball Nailhead V8 engine 364 CI

  • 2 Barrell Cab

  • 2 Speed Automatic Transmission

  • Power steering

  • Power Drum brakes

  • Dual exhaust

  • OE Style Radiator, Shroud, Generator, fan, carb and distributor

  • Vacuum Wipers

  • Tinted Glass

  • Dual Exhaust

  • Factory Gauges

  • Wonderbar AM Radio

  • Clock

  • Power Antennae

  • Rear Convenience Lighting

  • 4 Passenger Seat Belts

  • Billet Specialty Speedways 18" and 20"

  • Hood Insulation

  • Correct Spare Tire and Jack Assembly

  • Trunk Lighting

  • Windshield Washers  


Information on Buick Specials:

The Buick Special was an automobile produced by Buick. It was usually Buick's lowest-priced model, starting out as a full-size car in 1936 and returning in 1961 (after a two-year hiatus) as a mid-size. The Special was built for several decades and was offered as a coupe, sedan and later as a station wagon. When GM modernized their entry level products in the 1960s, the Special introduced the modern Buick V6 that became the core engine for GM for several decades and lives on in current upgraded V6 products.

By 1970, Special was no longer offered as a standalone model but the name would later be used for the entry trim on 1975 to 1979 and 1991 to 1996 Century models.

The entry level Buick can trace its heritage to the Buick Model 10, a companion to Buick's first car, the Buick Model B. The Model 10 started out as one of the independent brands merged into Buick, called the Janney.

The 1957 wheelbase remained 122 inches.  In the June, 1957 issue of Popular Mechanics, the Special was rated with a 0-60 mph time of 11.6 seconds, fuel economy of 17.4 mpg‑US (13.5 L/100 km; 20.9 mpg‑imp) at 50 mph (80 km/h), and ground clearance of 6.9 in (175 mm). 1958 brought the most chrome yet and twin headlights, as the car grew longer and wider, albeit on an unchanged chassis.

1949-1957 Buick Specials had three VentiPorts on each side while more senior Buicks (with the partial exception of the Buick Super, which switched from three to four in 1955) had four. Earlier versions had a "Sweepspear" inspired character line alongside the body, while later versions had the "Sweepspear" moulding attached to the side of all models. GM renamed the Buick Special the LeSabre for the 1959 model year, taking the name from the 1951 Le Sabre concept car.



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